Monday 18th January

Finger gym

  • Write the tricky words ‘he’, ‘me’ and ‘she’ on a piece of paper or in your child’s notebook for them to practice writing – use different coloured pens to make it fun! You could write them in flour, fingerpaint, salt etc to keep practicing.

Dough Disco

  • Get your pot of dough ready and follow Mrs Roberts –


Literacy – Reading

  • Watch Mrs Robert’s reading video and join in –

Our book this week is Little Red Hen. Mrs Roberts will be reading it to you tomorrow but you could listen to it on youtube today if you like

Weekly dance

  • I like to move it, move it


Learn and join in with the songs

Walking through the jungle

Old MacDonald had a farm


  • Find some objects the shape of a cube, cone, cylinder, sphere and see if you can remember the properties.
  • Send a photo of your shapes to the email address
  • Rainbows –
  • Sunshines –
  • If you have some building blocks make a model and then talk about the different shapes that you have used.


Look at the pictures painted by Jackson Pollock

Talk about how the painting makes you feel?

Try and recreate a picture with different width brushes and different coloured paints. Watch the link below to see how Pollock paints. We suggest you use washable paints!