Hi everybody, 

We hope that your week is going well. Did you manage to get some fresh air yesterday? The weather wasn’t very nice for lots of the day, but we hope that you still managed to stay active. We know lots of you enjoy doing the Just Dance videos, which you can get on YouTube, so there are plenty of fun ways to keep moving inside as well as outside!

5H – I really enjoyed seeing you all yesterday! Thank you so much for having a go at the ‘Microsoft Form’ for. I thought it worked well, but I’d be keen to hear your opinions too! Was it easy to use? Did you find your results ok once I had ‘returned’ your teams assignments? Email me on year5@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk if you’ve got any feedback. You’re all such superstars for helping me to learn and experiment with new ways of using technology 😊. I’m signing everybody who did the quiz off a TCP on our chart!

5DM – Mrs Mitchell is really looking forward to seeing you today at 9:30 for your Teams Class Meeting. Don’t forget to bring a pen and paper with you, so that you can complete the ‘Space quiz’ too. You’ll hear more about the way you can submit your quiz answers in your meeting and I’m sure there will be TCPs waiting for people who have a go 😊.

Here are your lessons and tasks for today:


Click here to watch Miss Healey read a few more chapters of Wonder. Just as a warning, something sad happens in today/tomorrow’s chapters, so if they make you feel a bit sad, make sure you talk to somebody at home about how you’re feeling. I’m sure they will be able to cheer you up 😊

Guided Reading

Please click here for today’s guided reading task.


Thank you for sending us the first draft of your Literacy work yesterday. If you haven’t done so yet, please remember that you must send the work that we request to us. If you were having difficulty with Teams yesterday, so you couldn’t turn your work in, please take a photo of it and email it to us today on year5@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk today. We’d really like to give you some feedback on your work before you edit/publish it later in the week. Today, we would like you to complete your spelling lesson! Please click here for the PowerPoint and then log in to EdShed to use the SpellingShed games and explore this week’s spelling rule further.


We will continue to explore division today. This is a revision objective, of a skill that you have already learnt in previous years. If you get time, keep playing on the division fact games from yesterday’s post. The quicker you are with these facts, the more confident you will be when applying them to more complex division questions. Here’s today’s video lesson. Here is the worksheet and here are the answers. Make sure you only use this document once you have finished having a go for yourself!


This week, we are looking at two more stories, from the Old Testament, and thinking about how the characters’ lives might also guide us.  Please click here for the video lesson.  Have some paper and pen or pencil ready for the task that related to the story of Ruth.  Here is the link to the video, just in case the sound doesn’t work very well  God’s Story: Ruth – YouTube  .When you get to the part about ‘Joshua’, I’d now like you to stop the video here.  We’ve found a better version of this story that is shorter and makes better sense. Here’s the link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUKWt46vubo . After you have watched this version of the Joshua story, have a think about he overcame his fears with courage.  Can you think of a time when you had to show courage to overcome something you were worried about?


Continue to use this document to explore netball and try out some different netball-based skills at home.

Have a super day! Keep smiling 😊

Miss Healey and Mrs Mitchell