This week, we have been learning all about brilliant bees. Our finger gym jobs were:

  • pretend to be a bee and move pollen from flower to flower whilst collecting nectar,
  • colour the bee hive picture by numbers,
  • write a sentence about the photograph of bees,
  • make a bee stick puppet,
  • draw a bee following the step by step instructions.

We learnt about the lifecycle of bees.

We have been busy bees making at the creative table.

In maths, we have been learning our number bonds to 10. We have been exploring ways to make 10 using Numicon.

We have also enjoyed experimenting with the marble run, creating transient art with natural materials and role playing in the school.

When we return to school after half term, we will be learning all about how to look after our environment. Have a lovely break, see you soon! 🙂