We have been very busy this week rehearsing for our Christmas show; Away In a Manger! We cannot wait for you all to come and see it. Thank you for returning your slips letting us know how many seats you would like, as long as everyone comes on the day they stated, there will be enough seating in the hall.

Here are some photographs from this week’s Finger Gym;

  • Step by step penguin drawing,
  • Folding and cutting to make a snowflake,
  • Practising the letters in our name and Set 1 Bear Words,
  • Using the tweezers to pick up the snowflakes,
  • Building towers using sugar cubes.

We have enjoyed learning about measuring length and weight. We had a mystery to solve on Wednesday…when we came back in from lunch, there was a big mess and footprints on the carpet! We measured the footprint and then measured all of our footprints to find out who the culprit was…it turned out to be Sunshine Bear and Dennis the Parrot all along!

We made some sparkly, frosty winter artwork and transformed our Reading Corners in to beautiful Snow Dens!

Here are some more photographs from our week (including the penguin egg that we found in Foundation!)…

Have a lovely weekend! 🙂