Wednesday 27th January

Finger gym

  • Use the step by step image below to draw your own goat.

Dough Disco


  • Jolly phonics video of songs phase 2 (qu, ch, sh, th, ng) –
  • Watch Mrs Simister’s phonics session on youtube (j v y ee)
  • For an extra challenge why not have your own phonics letter hunt around the house (you can use pieces of paper with different sounds written on them). Once you have found all the sounds, what words can you make with them?

Literacy – Write a sentence

  • Watch Mrs Simister’s Writing video –
  • Write the sentence “ You are bad, be kind.” On your white board and then in your work book. You may need to practise writing the tricky words, “you”, “are” “be” a few times to remember them.
  • For an extra challenge, your child could think of their own sentence and write it.
  • Send a photo of their writing to the email address –
  • Rainbows –
  • Sunshines –

Weekly dance


  • Warm up
  • Adult – show your child a 10 frame with a certain number of objects on it and ask your child to show you one more than this amount on their ten frame.
  • You may need to make your own ten frame with a piece of paper so you both have one.
  • Then swap and get the children to show you a number of objects – they will then ask you to add one more, ask them to check if you have done it correctly.

Extended learning for maths

Dan sentence

  • Watch Mrs Simister’s Dan video –
  • No need for the children to write the sentence yet. Get your child to repeat the sentence to help them get it in their brains.


Let’s get building!

On your iPads follow the link below