This week was all about family. The children were so excited to tell us who was in their family and enjoyed listening to their friends talk about their families. We made cards for the special people in our lives to say thank you and to wish them a happy day and brought in photos of our families so that we could show the rest of the class.

We have also been busy building up our teamwork skills – making up our own games outside on the slide, playing together to build up marble run tower and sharing bike rides with our friends.

The autumnal objects that we have been collecting headed outside this week into a tuff spot. We watched as squirrels feasted on our acorns, pine cones and conkers and then ran away with them to bury for winter. We had lots of fun counting the different natural objects, seeing if we could roll them down the wooden planks into boxes and, after it had rained, using nets to scoop the objects out of the water!

This week we also started our Friday Fun afternoons. The children are split into 3 groups. One group heads off to Forest School, another for a music lesson and the third enjoy a technology session. During Forest School the children were encouraged to develop their imagination skills when they found slime on the trees – what was it? what could it be used for? why was it there?. For music the children learnt all about moving in different ways to the beat of a song and began learning a new nursery rhyme and in technology the children learnt how to safely hold the iPads and take pictures and began learning e-safety.