Friday 15th January

Finger gym

  • Can they make a house for the gingerbread man to hide in? You can use lego or any other construction material – get as creative as you like.

Dough Disco

  • Get your pot of dough ready and follow Emily


Literacy – Dan sentence

  • Watch Mrs Simister’s Dan sentence video
  • Write the sentence down on the whiteboard with Mrs Simister and then in your book.

Weekly dance



  • Make gingerbread men with your child . Talk about the changes in consistency from wet mixture to dry biscuit. I hope he doesn’t run away before you eat him.
  • Here is a link to a recipe –
  • Send a photo to the email address

Rainbows –

Sunshines –

Forest Schools

 Water and Snow

Give each child three cups and bring them outside to collect some snow in each cup. Then, come back inside and get three containers worth of cold, room temperature, and hot water. Pour some hot water over the snow in one container, some room temperature water over the snow in the second container, and some cold water over the snow in the third container. Have your child compare what has happened in each container.

This is a fun science experiment that will teach your child about snow and melting temperatures. Ask your child what they know about snow, and what they think will happen when they add water to snow. Will it melt, or stay the same?