Friday 29th January

Finger gym

  • Make your own troll mask – use different materials that you find around the house to make your mask! Cut out paper and cardboard to decorate your own mask. Get creative and use your imagination, you could cut out some horns to stick on and some lumpy warts with rolled up paper. There are some troll images below to inspire you.

Dough Disco


Literacy – Dan sentence

  • Watch Mrs Simister’s Dan sentence video
  • Write the sentence down on the whiteboard with Mrs Simister and then in your book.

Weekly dance


Get your child to make 10 with 5 and 5 objects.

Write the number sentence 5 + 5 = 10 and 10 = 5 + 5

Get your child to make 7 with 3 and 3 and 1 objects

Get your child to write the number sentence

7 = 2 + 3+ 3 and 1 +3 +3 = 7

Rainbows –

Sunshines –

Extended learning for maths


  • Listen to I am the music man video and sing along.

  • Can you make your own music at home? You could bang some pans with a wooden spoon or make your own rice shaker, using a plastic bottle and rice. Get creative and use your imagination to create your own instrument.
  • Down load the app and enjoy playing the piano


  • Have a hunt around the house for any boxes or junk box modelling and make your own bridge for the Three Billy Goats Gruff. You could use toilet paper rolls, lego, wooden blocks, cereal boxes – can you make it strong enough for the Goats to cross. If it isn’t strong enough – how can you make it stronger?