Monday 11th January

Finger gym

  • Write the tricky words ‘go’, ‘no’ and ‘me’ on a piece of paper or in your child’s notebook for them to practice writing – use different coloured pens to make it fun!


Dough Disco

  • Get your pot of dough ready and follow Emily

Literacy – Reading

  • Watch Mrs Simister’s reading video and join in –

Weekly dance


  • Watch
  • Write numerals 1 and 2 on your whiteboard or in your notebook, following the rhymes on the sheet provided.
  • Have a tray of up to 10 objects covered by a cloth. Tell your child you have 1 more than or 1 less than a number. E.g I have one more than 6 objects on my tray. I have one less than 4 objects on my tray. Get your child to show you on their fingers how many objects they think you have. Children could write the numeral on their whiteboard.