This week we have been learning all about Guatemala in the run up to Guatemala Day on Friday. Here are some photographs from Finger Gym.

  • Cut and colour a quetzal.
  • Write about the Guatemala photograph.
  • Make a blue and white pattern like the Guatemala flag.
  • Read the teen number and use the tweezers to count out that amount.
  • Write full name in the rainbow.

Here are some more photographs of our Guatemala learning.

  • Making a graph of our favourite Central American animals.
  • Writing a description of the beach for Rainbow Bear and Sunshine Bear.
  • Painting Guatemalan flags.
  • Making our own collage quetzals.
  • Decorating biscuits with a poinsettia.
  • Making beach pictures using the shape boards.

In Maths this week we have been practicing our shape knowledge, sharing equally and making patterns.

On Thursday, we took our wonderful quetzals through to Year One. We told the Year One children all about how we made them. Then the Year One children told us their favourite thing about Year One and showed us around 🙂

We have had some wonderful Going Global homework! Foundation definitely has some budding architects 🙂

Next week we will be learning about Kenya and Africa.