Monday 8th February

Finger gym

  • Grab some thread or string or spaghetti and let’s get threading – what can you find around the house to thread, it could be pasta, beads or anything else that has a whole in the middle of it.

Guided Reading

If you are not in school at all this week, you will have some reading books arriving this morning. Please read along with me while you are waiting .

Also log in to the Oxford Owls. So many books to choose at different levels.

Dough Disco

  • Get your party clothes on and come to Mrs Simister’s lounge disco


Literacy/Understanding the world – Chinese New Year

  • Our topic this week is all about Chinese New Year. Here is another video all about it that you could watch later on in the day.

Weekly dance

  • Kung Fu Fighting


Learn and join in with the song

Fly like a dragon