This week in Math’s we have been learning about measuring height and length . We ordered the class into height and measured to see how much taller than a penguin we all were.

We made 4 towers and ordered them by length.

We had fun rescuing the penguins from the ice. We used a hairdryer and warm water to melt the ice

and a hammer to chip the ice away.

We had fun playing in the snow this week!

We had a visit from Zac the zoo keeper who had come to show us his penguin egg.

Zac had to rush back to the zoo as the animals had escaped and he accidently left his egg behind.

Luckily we found it in a hat and we wrote and told him where it was. He was very grateful!

In Forest schools we played tree games and did bark rubbings.

We made some jewellery for the Queen of the Forest using natural objects and string.

The magpies had stolen her shiny jewellery.

We are getting really good at tying knots too!