The children have learnt so much through our Pirate week. They are recognising numbers and amounts.

They are recognising and writing letters and beginning to blend sounds to read words.

Well done little Pirates!

In finger gym they picked up tiny treasure to get fingers ready for writing.

They have walked the plank and dug for  treasure. Some children built some amazing pirate ships from lego and boxes.

We played a pirate number game where the children had to recognise numerals from 1-6

and walk the plank to play the instrument the correct number of times.

Great number recognition and counting! They also ordered the numbers correctly.

Sunshine bear and Rainbow bear went missing!

We received a note from pesky Pirate Paulo who told us if we wrote him a letter, he would send us a map telling us where they were.

We got busy writing some letters and at lunch time our map arrived. We used our geography skills to follow the map and found the bears safely playing in the

allotment flowers.

We played some fun pirate games.

The treasure game and peg leg game.

Well done pirates and mermaids.

Hope you all had fun.