Thursday 4th March


Finger gym

  • Design your own bookmark. You can cut out any shape bookmark and then decorate with felt tips, crayons, etc.


  • Play the bus stop game.
  • Write ar, or, ir, air onto separate pieces of paper and put in four places around the room.
  • Play some music for your child and then after a little bit of time stop the music. Your child has to run to one of the sounds.
  • Get them to tell you what that sound is and see if they can tell you a word with that sound in it.
  • Repeat as many times as you like.


  • Practice forming the capital letters A – I on your whiteboard, or in flour, salt, talc or go outside with water and a brush.


  • Using the book template provided in your pack – can you draw/write a story for World Book Day?
  • It can be about anything – superheroes, dinosaurs, princesses, aliens but make sure it has a beginning, middle and end.
  • If you are just drawing the pictures for your story, tell the story to your grown up so they can write it down for you.

Weekly dance

  • Put on your favourite music and have a dance around the house – get your family to join in!


  • Show a tower of two lego pieces or construction pieces. Ask them how many it is. What do you think half of it is? Do we think its equal, measure the height.
  • Hand it to child and ask them to break it in half so they hold half in one hand and half in the other. Encourage them to say, half of two is one.
  • Repeat this, using a tower of four, six, then eight and finally ten cubes. Each time, emphasise the language: Half of six is three. Half of eight is four, Once you have looked at five towers, repeat all the halves, showing each set of towers and saying, half of two is one, half of four is two, etc.
  • Put each pair of half-towers back together and show the cube towers of two, four, six, eight and ten again. Say that you are doubling the numbers. Halving is the opposite of doubling.


  • Decorate a wooden spoon, toilet roll tube or old sock in a book character of your choice using different materials that you have at home.

World Book Day