This week we have been learning about the four R’S, recycling, reusing, repairing, and reducing the amount of rubbish.

We made some lovely promises of what we were going to do to help save the world.

Many children promised to turn off the lights and TV when they were not using them.

They promised to take their old toys to the charity shop or repair them instead of throwing them away.

The children knew so much and were so keen to help.

You should all be so proud of your little eco warriors!

We have been little scientists this week and carried out an experiment to see if substances dissolved best in hot or cold water.

The children made some great predictions and talked about melting , dissolving and disappearing.

We had fun practising sports day and hope to be able to do the real one soon.

We have been busy budding artists this week.

We have been learning about primary colours and mixing them to make secondary colours.

We looked at the artist Piet Mandrian and used geometic shapes to make some beautiful pictures.