The link below offers a FREE online course for parents and carers to support their child to improve their emotion resilience, mental health and wellbeing during the Covid-19 lockdown.


About the course:

“We are living in unprecedented and uncertain times. The coronavirus crisis has resulted in wide scale and rapid changes to the whole of society that we are all adapting and reacting to. This particularly applies to children, who have found their routines, friendships and support systems radically changed and many are struggling with the physical and mental pressures resulting from these changes. Understandably for many people, anxiety levels are high.

This is why it is now more important than ever that parents and carers understand how to support and build emotional resilience in children and young people and are equipped with the tools to talk to their children so they understand how to successfully bounce back from the challenges they face right now.

The aim of this course is to help parents and caregivers to understand and develop emotional resilience for you and your family.

Our FREE 2 hour online course is designed to support parents of children aged 4-11 years during this time. You will:

  • Gain the techniques and skills for supporting your children to improve their mental strength and wellbeing
  • Understand how to help children build and strengthen their resilience

  • Enhance children’s relationships with each other, and with significant adults in their lives

  • Feel able to support your children to develop general coping skills and mechanisms that help your child with common challenges of everyday life

  • Support children to adapt to transitions, changes and pressures from school

  • Support children to adapt to issues and change in the home environment

  • Improve parent self-confidence

  • Improve your understanding of the pressures of adolescence (child development ages and stages)

  • Identify the early signs of mental health issues

  • Reduce parental stress

  • Improve parent-child relationship

  • Gain practical support strategies and interventions, signposting and guidance will be given to help learners to feel confident in encouraging and maintaining positive mental health and building emotional resilience in children and young people.”