Good morning everyone,

Well we’ve all made it to the end of another week, and made it to the end of our home/school learning journey. We cannot wait to see all of you on Monday morning.

We think you are…..FANTASTIC!

We are very proud of all the hard work you have been doing at home and we are super impressed with the work you have produced. It was great to see you all in the Teams meeting yesterday and hear all about your favourite books. We hope you really enjoyed Felix after the rain and the world book day activities.

There’s a Teams assignment for Literacy this morning – so remember to try and submit your work through your Teams account – don’t forget to press “Turn in”

We’ve pasted a quick reminder of your daily routine here to help you keep track of what you should do next.

After watching your morning greeting, with Mrs Avery

click on the link below to continue with your Guided Reading:


Warm-up: Spelling: Week 8: Adding the suffix “-ous”. If you want to keep the “g” sound at the end of the root word you must add an “e”.

Spelling weeks 7 and 8

Remember to give yourself a test and email the results to us at

Main task: In today’s literacy we will find out what happens between Jub and the witch.

Literacy video Friday:

Body Outline: Body outline activity

Main task: Poster Template


Warm-up: Keep practising your times-tables. The sheets to practise all your times-tables are on Monday’s post.

Give yourself a test and let us know how you got on. Email your result to:

Main task: Today we’re going to continue our work on Fractions. Today we will be focusing on ‘What is a Fraction?’.

Watch the video:

Answer the questions: What is a fraction? Worksheet

Check your answers: What is a Fraction? Answers

Science: Animals including humans. Digestion: Pardon me! Where did that come from?

Today we’re going to continue our work from Wednesday where we looked at the different teeth types and how they help us to break down our food! Keep using your knowledge organiser to help you recall previous learning.

Your knowledge organiser for this unit: Digestion knowledge organiser

Watch the video here:

You can click here to follow the link to the Children’s University of Manchester to complete your work on teeth:

That’s it, you’ve made it to the end of another week and to the end of our home/school learning.  We hope you’ve had a Happy Friday and just remember that you are fabulous and amazing. Have a super weekend and we will see you all next week in school.

See you all then!!