While you have a break from schoolwork next week, we hope you have fun playing in the garden, going for walks and enjoying some time to chill. You have worked hard this half term and you deserve a rest.

If you are looking for something to do in the days ahead, we have some fun activities for you below. None of them are homework and you do not need to do any of them! They are just for fun if you get bored.

Abbey Road Zoo Quiz!

Abbey Road staff members have been disguised as various animals. Can you tell which member of staff each one is? Look at this document to guess. When you want to record your answers, go onto Microsoft Teams – you will have a quiz to tell us your guesses. (The Teams assignment is completely optional – you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. It will go live on Monday morning.)


Read the end of our class novel, Kick.  Click here for the pages you need


Cook some bannocks –  click here for a recipe that Ernest Shackleton would have eaten!


Make a model of the circulatory system using these printouts. You will also need these instructions to tell you how to cut and fold each part.

Escape Room!

Click here to do an online escape room based on the theme of Harry Potter!


Complete this circulation crossword.