Friday 26th February

Finger gym

  • Use your playdough to make some superhero accessories, a mask, a cape, a wrist band, some superpower glasses.

Dough Disco


  • Jolly phonics video of songs phase 2 (qu, ch, sh, th, ng) –
  • Check out Phonics Play and test out some of the games.
  • username: jan21
  • password: home
  • Use the username and password above to log in and access more fun!
  • Play the dragon den phase 3 game and choose ar and or
  • Comics is also good to read some captions try phase 2 and 3.

Literacy – Dan sentence

  • Watch Mrs Robert’s Dan sentence video (Dan is next to the plant)
  • Write the sentence down on the whiteboard with Mrs Roberts and then in your book.

Weekly dance


  • Learn and join in with the song Lets be Superheroes!


  • Watch Number blocks (Subtraction)
  • Show different number of fingers up to 10. Ask your child to take away/ subtract a number and they tell you the answer.
  • Eg Show me 10 fingers now subtract 8.
  • How many fingers have you got left?
  • Use objects if fingers are tricky.
  • Draw a person on the white board with 8 buttons. Tell your child that two have fallen off. Can they rub off 2 and tell you how many are left?
  • Try with different numbers.
  • Can they record with a number sentence?


  • Lolly Superheroes
  • Use a lolly stick or a stick from the garden/park.
  • Cut out some paper clothes and decorate them.
  • Stick them onto the stick and make a stick superhero.