Dear Parents/Carers

Before you start another week of home learning, we just wanted to congratulate you and thank you on how well you are all doing, you are all doing an amazing job and we are overwhelmed with all of the work and photos being sent in each day. We know how hard it is, especially for those of you who are trying to work from home and have more than one child to look after.

We just wanted to reassure you about the amount of sit down time that children should be expected to do.

A normal day at school would only have your child sitting down for a 20 min phonic session and a 20 min math’s session. They are asked to come and work with an adult directed task for another 10-20 mins in the day and sit down for a story at the end of the day. The rest of the day is child initiated play and activities. They are able to choose from a wide range of activities where they think of their own ideas and use their imaginations e.g.

Small world play- cars, dinosaurs, animals, dolls houses

Construction – Lego, Duplo, wooden bricks, jigsaws etc.

Role –play- shop, vets, restaurant, dressing up

Sand and water play- pouring, mixing, sinking and floating

Crafts- junk modelling, collage, painting, making, and drawing

Writing table where they can choose to write, colour make their own books, lists etc.

I am sure that your child can do most of these things at home and they are a valuable part of Early Years education so please don’t feel that you have to be with them 247.

We require one written and one math’s piece of work from them as a minimum each week.

The phonics and Dan writing are the most important tasks to be completed.

The math’s videos are also important to watch and counting and number recognition can be done through helping you with sorting the washing, setting the table and putting shopping away.

Hope this reassures some of you. Any questions then please email us.

I hope you have a lovely fun week. Thinking of you all.

Kind regards,

Maria Simister and Danielle Roberts

Monday 1st February

Finger gym

  • Write the tricky words ‘was’, ‘and’ ‘the’ “me” “my” “are” on your child’s white board, or chalk board, they can write over them with a wet cotton bud.
  • They could write them outside with water and a paintbrush.
  • They could write them in flour, finger-paint, salt etc.

Dough Disco


Literacy – Reading

  • Watch Mrs. Robert’s reading video and join in –

  • Our book this week is Jack and the beanstalk. Mrs. Roberts will be reading it to you tomorrow but you could listen to it on YouTube today if you like

Weekly dance

  • Can’t stop the feeling


  • Learn and join in with the songs. We will be doing Noah’s Ark later in the week.

Who built the ark?

The Animals came in two by two


  • Watch Mrs. Roberts introducing measuring with a metre stick.

  • Listen to the Giants letter and help him find some things that are longer or shorter than a metre stick.
  • Send a photo to …

Rainbows –

Sunshines –

Planting your bean

  • You should have received a bean. Place it in a jam jar with a piece of kitchen roll around the edge.
  • Follow the instructions to pant your bean.
  • We could only spare one bean so the experiment in the dark may not be possible unless you have any beans. However, it is just fascinating to watch the bean grow.
  • Show your child the scar on the bean where it was attached to the plant. This is where the water gets in to make the bean swell. Look out for the roots and shoots growing.