Monday 22nd February

Finger gym

  • Cut out a body, some arms, legs, and a head then cut them out and use a hole punch to make a hole at the end of each.
  • Fasten them together with string, cotton, wool, or treasury tags.
  • Then decorate with felt-tips to make a superhero. If you do not have a hole punch, stick the pieces together with glue.

Guided Reading

  • Please read along with Mrs Roberts
  • Also log in to the Oxford Owls. So many books to choose at various levels.

Dough Disco


PSE – Draw and cut

  • Draw your own Superhero and cut it out.
  • Think of some traits that your superhero needs to be extra good and kind.
  • We would love to see your drawing and hear about their characters.
  • Send a photo to the email address.
  • Rainbows –
  • Sunshines –

Weekly dance


  • Learn and join in with the song Lets be Superheroes.

  • Superhero song


  • Warm up
  • Watch Mrs Roberts ’s introduction to subtraction.
  • Draw two dice on WB – one with one spot, one with five spots.
  • What is different?
  • How could you make each side the same?
  • Give your child 6 objects or sweets/ fruit segments and get them to eat one or put one away.
  • If you ate 1 sweet how many would you have left? Remind children about careful counting. Keep going until there are 0 objects left