Thursday 11th February

Finger gym

  • Cut out some hearts and get your child to pick up a certain amount using pegs – can they then write that number on their whiteboard.



  • Watch Mrs Roberts handwriting video for forming the capitals DEF

Love Heart

  • As it is nearly Valentine’s Day, you could get your child to draw a big heart and draw and label all of the things they love. This could be their family, friends, favourite food, favourite toy, and sport, anything that they enjoy doing.
  • We thought it would be good for mental wellbeing for them to think about lots of lovely things.


  • Today is the day we use our dragon design from Tuesday to make our own very own junk box model dragon. Get creative and if you have some paint make it colourful – we are super excited to see what you make!
  • Send a photo to the email address –

Rainbows –

Sunshine’s –

Weekly dance


Dan sentence

  • Watch Mrs. Simister’s Dan video –

  • No need for the children to write the sentence yet. Get your child to repeat the sentence to help them get it in their brains and write the words modelled.