Home Learning w/c 01-06-2020

Welcome to Summer 2 Week 1.

We hope you enjoyed your half term and have had lot’s of fun in the amazing sunshine. Remember to keep sending photos, videos and emails telling us about your day.

Letter to parents Summer 2 Week 1

PSHE Year 4 Challenge 

Topic Work

Geography Water Knowledge Organsier

Geography pack Week 1

Geography water cycle information

Geography Task 1

Geography Task 2


PE ExerciseA-Z


Literacy Day 1 PAG Summer 2 Week 1 1

Literacy Day 1 Spelling Activity Sum 2 Week 1

Literacy Day 1 Spelling Summer 2 weeks 1 and 2.docx

Literacy Day 1 Handwriting Activity Sum 2 Week 1.docx

Literacy Statutory spelling list Year 3 and 4

Literacy Day 2 Activity 2 The Water Cycle comprehension

Literacy Day 3 Activity 3

Literacy Day 4 Activity 4 and 5 Help Arthur Stay Hydrated


This week, the lesson you start with should look like this snip:

Follow this link

and then scroll down to find Summer Term – Week 4 (w/c 11th May).
Complete the flashback and then Lesson 1: Multiply and dividing problem solving.

They are no longer making the worksheets available on the website (freebies only last for so long!). As a school we have subscribed to White Rose and you can download the relevant work sheet below.

Maths day 1 Correspondence problems

Lesson-1-Answers-Correspondence-problems-2019 Lesson-4-Answers-Counting-squares-2019

Maths day 2 Perimeter of a rectangle


Maths day 3 Perimeter of rectilinear shapes


Maths day 4 Counting squares


Maths Day 5 Challenge