Wednesday 24th February

Finger gym

  • Put some play people or anything you have into a box or basket and tie some wool or string over the top to make a web.
  • See picture at bottom of page.
  • Get your child to be a superhero and rescue the play people or objects with a clothes peg or their fingers.

Dough Disco


Understanding the World

  • Found some different materials around your home.
  • A plastic bag
  • A piece of cotton
  • A wooly fabric
  • A piece of tissue or kitchen roll.
  • Get your child to predict which material would make the best cloak for a superhero to protect them from the rain.
  • Test the fabrics by putting some water on each one.
  • Try and make it a fair test by putting the same amount on each material (a teaspoon full) would be a good amount.
  • Which material is best and why?
  • Write down what your child’s prediction was and what they found out and send a photo of what you have written to the email address –
  • Rainbows –
  • Sunshine’s –

Weekly dance

  • Superheroes dance to the best song ever



  • Warm Up Subtraction with Jack
  • Main Activity:
  • Give the children problems to work out. Use the different language subtract, minus and take away.
  • If you they have 10 sweets and you ate 2 how many would you have left?
  • If they had 8 sweets and you ate 3 how many would you have left.
  • Model the number sentence by writing it on the white board for them.
  • Get them to record one problem with pictures and crossing out and with a number sentence. If they write a number sentence make sure they have the understanding and can read it out to you. If they are struggling then the pictures will be more meaningful.

Extended learning for maths

Dan sentence

  • Watch Mrs Robert’s Dan video – Dan is next to the plant.
  • No need for the children to write the sentence yet. Get your child to repeat the sentence to help them get it in their brains.