Happy Monday Year 3! 🙂

Wow! What an exciting weekend of snow!  We hope you managed to get out and enjoy it either sledging / snowballing / snowperson making!  If you are happy for us to share a photo of your snow fun on the website please email a picture to year3@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk.  We will create a snow fun album so we can see what each other has been up to! Staying connected with your friends is so important at this time – and photgraphs are one way in which we can do that!

As well as the snow, we hope you all have managed to do something you enjoy this weekend and allowed yourselves a well-earned break from your schoolwork.  We know it feels strange in so many ways right now but there is still so much to enjoy.  We are focusing on looking for the joy in everyday life whether that be getting out in nature for your daily walk, reading a new book or devouring your favourite sweet treat.  It would be lovely to hear about the joys in your everyday lives.

We hope you have re-energised read for this week’s learning tasks.  As always, remember, we are here for you should you need anything just send us an email at


Today’s suggested learning timetable:

Before 9 am – Breakfast and dressed ready for the day!

9.00a.m. Joe Wicks, Cosmic Yoga, Just Dance or why not try this weblink –This dance below with people from around the world is a good way to get yourself feeling good for the week and also very apt for the weather!

If you would like to start your week with a more relaxed activity try this classroom yoga:

9.30 am Guided Reading

9.50 am Take a break

10.00 am Maths

10.45 am Take a break

11.00 English

11.45 am Spend some time reading a favourite book / book from school

12.00 Take a break for lunch

12.45 pm Handwriting

1.00 pm Science

2.00 pm Personal choice of: Creative play / reading/mindfulness / Lego / Drawing / cooking or crafting / walking / playing outside

Guided Reading;

For today’s guided reading task, we would like you to recap and read the rest of Chapter 1 of Iron Man so that you are ready for our literacy lesson  :).

The+Iron+Man (1)


We are so pleased with the way you are working hard at multiplying 2 digit numbers.  Today we are looking at related calculations – but the inverse.  We will begin to learn how to divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number. Watch the video below, then have a go at the worksheets.  No need to print, look on screen and write your answers on paper. The answers are also included as a link – don’t cheat!

Monday worksheets

Monday answers


Watch today’s literacy lesson and find out your task for this week! We are so glad you are enjoying the Iron Man and all of your Year 3 teachers were thrilled with your work from last week- so much so we changed the plan from this week in order to make the most of your creative minds :). In today’s task, we ask you to  use your summarising skills to record the key events in Chapter 2 of the Iron Man.

Worksheet  if you wish to use it:Summary Chapter 2 worksheet


Practise your spellings  – the ‘i’ sound spelt with a ‘y’ whilst also practising your handwriting.  Look carefully which letters join and which letters don’t.



We were so impressed with your biographies of Mary Anning.  She certainly was an amazing paleontologist.  Today we are going to learn exactly how fossils form.  If you have any blu-tack / playdough etc at home, you will need it to have a go at one of the activities. Alternatively, you can make some simple dough using some store cupboard ingredients. Click on the link below!

dough recipe

We have trialled a new recording software and unfortunately you can’t hear the videos embedded within it.  When a video is played, please pause and click on the link below to watch with full sound. Many apologies!

Also…many apologies for the phone ringing mid-way through.  The joys of remote learning!

Video embedded – please watch this so you can hear the sound:


The activity sheet is below – again you don’t need to print – you could draw your own and add in the information in the right sequence! The answers are in the following link! Don’t cheat!!

fossilisation activity

fossilisation answers

Take care, stay safe and enjoy!

Year 3 Team!