For homework this week, we would like the children to learn their lines for our Year 6 production. This includes spoken lines and song lyrics. Lots of children have been asking for the lyrics that we have re-written to Coldplay’s song, ‘Fix You’. You can find the new lyrics below and use this backing track to sing along to.

Verse 1 

When you try your best, but you don’t succeed, 

To get what you want for your groceries, 

When empty shelves are all that you see, 

This is the worst. 


Verse 2 

And the tears come streaming down your face, 

Running out of things you can’t replace, 

Now you’re using less, nothing goes to waste, 

Could it be worse? 



No supplies at all 

Pasta, rice, loo roll, 

But I will try to find you… 


Verse 3 

Hunting the shops using all of my power,  

But the granny in front took the last bag of flour, 

I’ve looked in Asda for over an hour, 

On goes the search. 



No supplies at all… 




Tears stream, down your face, 

When you see empty shelves, not a trace? 

Tears stream, down your face, 

And whyyyyyyyy? 

Tears stream, down your face, 

Check in Tesco as well, just in case 

Tears stream, down your face, 

And whyyyyyyy? 



No supplies at all, 

Pasta, rice, loo roll, 

But I will try to find you.