Today we explored our new topic: The Great Fire of London. During our WOW Day, we investigated London as it was in 1666, through watching a video and describing the scenes we saw. We noticed that the city was over crowded and the the streets were gloomy and narrow with overhanging buildings. People dried their washing on lines above the streets and butchers hung their meat (whole pigs) in the streets. We then took part in a drama session, acting out what we think people may have done when the fire started.  In Art, we recapped our colour mixing skills, making different shades of orange and then painted group flames for display. Our PE session was taught with all pupils together in the hall, sharing our ideas of how a flame would move. We practised individual dances and also tried some mirroring dance skills.

To finish our day, we learnt that there was no national fire brigade, so communities had to work together to collect and transport water from the river to the burning buildings: so we had a go with our Bucket Challenge! Each class had to pass the full bucket of water along the line and the throw the water at the fire to put it out. Despite, being a little slow at the beginning, the children quickly picked up the pace and a few wet trousers and toes late, managed to keep the water in the buckets and put out the ‘fire’!