Good morning everyone,

We love getting all your photos and emails from home. It’s great to see how busy you have been and the smiles on your faces tell us that you are all having fun.

Remember to keep as active as you can, keep those walking boots on – outside the house of course – and let us know of your favourite places and spaces.

Well done and keep it up.

The next Teams assignment will start today and conclude tomorrow.

We’ve pasted a quick reminder of your daily routine here to help you keep track of what you should do next.

After watching your morning greeting, with Mrs Avery

click on the link below to continue with your Guided Reading:


Warm-up: Keep practicing your spellings. Use Edshed – we know there have been some ongoing technical issues but let us know if you’re having any difficulties. This week: adding the suffix “-ation”.

Main task: Your activity today is a writing task in Teams. It will continue tomorrow so don’t press “Turn in” at the end of your work today. If you prefer to access the task from here you can click on the links below:

Thursday writing input: English Thursday letter input

There is a letter starter here which you can download in word and continue or just start writing with a pen and paper if you prefer: Dear Mum and Dad


Warm-up: Keep practicing your times-tables. We’ve been doing lots of work on these now, so I’m sure you’re all becoming experts. Keep up the work on Times-Tables Rockstars or whatever method works for you.

Main task: Today we’ll continue our work on times-tables with Mrs Avery- this time looking at the 11 and 12 times-tables and then we’re done with times-tables work.

Watch the video:

Did you spot Mrs Avery’s mistake?

Answer the questions11 and 12 times-table worksheet

Check the answers: 11 and 12 times-table worksheet answers


Our PE focus for this half-term is Athletics. So far we have covered running/jogging and jumping. What was your pb (personal best)? This week our focus is on throwing!

We’re a little worried! We know that you will enjoy this task, but you must make sure that a grown-up is happy with what you are throwing and where you are throwing it! We suggest a large open space – like the park – is the best place for this activity so you may need to wait until the weekend.

In the autumn, when we were looking at throwing and catching skills we discussed over-arm and under arm techniques. This is what you’ll be using again. Ideally your equipment would include a lightweight (sponge/plastic at school) javelin and a smaller heavier round ball or quoit. From a standing position how far can you throw each object? Which works best a long straight throw or an up in the air and back down again throw? Remember it’s not how high you can throw it, it’s how far can you throw it.

Think about when you let go of the object and your follow-through. Make sure you extend your arm fully at the end of your throw – it should be pointing in the direction you wanted to send the object! So if you’re pointing at the ground or to the sky the chances are that your object will not have travelled very far!

What’s your personal best? Which piece of equipment do you prefer using? Does your throw improve if you take a short run, or even if you bend your knees? Find which position works best for you.

Keep track of all your events and improvements you might make from week to week. Hopefully it will all come in useful in the summer term.

PHSE: Dreams and Goals

Follow the instructions in the PDF to discuss coping with disappointment. This lesson would be best done with an adult to support.

PHSE Thursday Disappointment

We hope you have had a happy Thursday and look forward to seeing you again tomorrow when our morning greeting will look slightly different.