Good morning everyone,

We hope you enjoyed your activities. How is you sculpture going? You’re not finished it yet – there’s more to add! More of that next week.

Today it’s: TUESDAY

We think it’s terrific because this morning will be our first class meeting via Teams. It starts at 9 o’clock so if you haven’t already done so, you need to login in to your Teams account – you may need a grown-up’s help to access the meeting.

This week your Teams’ assignments will be on Tuesday (Maths) and Friday (Literacy). 

So for today’s Maths lesson we want you send a photo of your work either via Teams or by email. Mrs Avery will give you more instructions within the lesson.

We’ve pasted a quick reminder of your daily routine here to help you keep track of what you should do today, but you can do this in an order that suits your working pattern at home.

After taking part in your class meeting at 9:00 am click on the link below to continue with your Guided Reading:


Warm-up: Keep practicing your spellings. This week: we have a second week of adding the suffix “-ation”.  If you have lost your booklet you can click on the link below it will take you to the correct page. We’re working on Week 4.


Main task:  Mr Marshall is going to continue reading Ice-Palace and then he’ll talk you through today’s lesson on prepositions and conjunctions.


We hope you all enjoyed your class meeting this morning. Mrs Avery didn’t realise that you could only see her (sorry). She is going to have a chat with Mr Good and see if we can sort it out for Thursday. Well done everybody, you were amazing – so patient. It was great to see you all.


Warm-up: Keep practicing your times-tables. We’ve been doing lots of work on these now, so I’m sure you’re all becoming experts. Keep up the work on Times-Tables Rockstars or whatever method works for you.

Main task: Today we’ll continue our work on Multiplication and Division with Mrs Avery. We’re going to find out how to use our knowledge of factor pairs and the commutative law to help us solve calculations outside the times-tables.

Watch the video:

Remember there is no worksheet today. We want to submit your work using the Teams assignment or by email.

ICT: Coding


We know that lots of the children are really thrilled to be carrying on their coding work at home.

Follow this link:

Click Login in the top right hand corner and select Espresso.

Use Student25350 and the password: ARpass to login and click on coding. The children are all very familiar with this process.

Click “Block coding” on the menu bar at the top and select level 4 from the dropdown menu.

From here the children can access refresher lessons on Levels 1- 3.

This week we are moving on to Repetition and Loops.

Read the student guide first and then complete the unit: Bug in the Garden

This is an activity that most children will be able to complete independently.

RE: Jewish Families and Celebrations

Follow the PDF to find out more about special events and artefacts of the Jewish faith.

RE information: RE Tuesday Family celebrations

RE Activity: Boxes