Good Morning Year 3!

We know that now more than ever it is so important to talk about our feelings and this week is ‘Children’s  Mental Health Week’. The ELSA resources are something that is used throughout the school for different things and this week in honour of children’s mental health week they have launched an- ‘express yourself challenge’. It is a printable 5-day challenge with a drawing/writing task and a doing/talking task each day. There is a certificate for the end of the 5 days.

We know we are a day behind (sorry!) but we would love to see/hear about any of you that decide to  take part, your 3 teachers certainly will be! 🙂


As always, remember, we are here for you should you need anything just send us an email at

Today’s suggested learning timetable:

Before 9 am – Breakfast and dressed ready for the day!

9.00a.m. Joe Wicks, Cosmic Yoga, Just Dance or Go Noodle. Why not try this to remind you of the snow we had last week!

9.30 am Guided Reading

9.50 am Take a break

10.00 am Maths

10.45 am Take a break

11.00 English

11.45 am Watch Mrs Toom’s assembly

12.00 Take a break for lunch

12.45 pm Do some quiet reading for pleasure.

1.00 pm PSHE

1.30 pm Class teams meeting

2.00pm PE

2:30pmPersonal choice of: Creative play / reading/mindfulness / Lego / Drawing / cooking or crafting / walking / playing outside

Guided Reading

Each week, we will set the Guided Reading tasks on TEAMS and would really like you to send your responses to it in this way.  However, if you struggle to access the resources we will insert them into the webpage each day too.  Even if you access the materials here, where possible, please submit your answers via TEAMs. If all else fails email your work to:


This week’s questions: In word and PDF format

Guided Reading week 5

Guided Reading week 5

The chapter to refer to:

Chapter 5 Dinosaur Trouble

Chapter 5 Dinosaur Trouble

Mrs Toom’s assembly

This weeks assembly is the last discussing people who inspire you. We know Mrs Toom has been so impressed with all the entries that have been sent to her. At the end of the clip, Mrs Toom challenges you to do something to inspire somebody this week. We would love to hear how you get on with this :)!
On the theme of inspiring young people your Year 3 teachers and some of your parents came across a news article all about a young lady who discovered a 215 million-year-old dinosaur print on a beach in Wales. We thought this might interest some of you as much as it did us. If you would like to read about the exciting tale of the modern-day Mary Anning, the news article is attached below!


Watch the video below to learn about dividing again but using different techniques.  There is no need to print out the worksheets – look at them on screen and write your answers on paper at home.

Tuesday sheets

Tuesday answers

 In today’s literacy lesson you will hear/read the next chapter of the Iron Man. As you will hear, the trap the farmers set was only temporary…
After we read the next chapter we will be planning our own newspaper article based on the thrilling event. Please watch today’s clip :
Planning template if you wish to print:
Iron Man PDF :TheIronMan-1


You should have received a TEAMS invite asking if you would like to join your classmates and teachers in a virtual meeting.  We are really looking forward to seeing lots of your smiling faces :).


It has been lovely to see you thinking carefully about your futures and what you need to do to achieve your targets.  Challenges and difficulties are something we face every day, and this is quite normal.  You shouldn’t worry that you find something difficult or a challenge but should look for ways to approach it more positively.  Listen to the video below then complete the worksheet or draw your own – there is no need to print!My Next Challenge Activity Sheet


Here is another dance video from Premier Sports to one of my favourite songs.  Mr Facer worksfor Premier Sports too and these are some of his colleagues!

Have a lovely day – you are all doing an amazing job and we are so proud of you all!

Year 3 Team