Good morning everyone,

We hope you enjoyed your activities yesterday. Are you ready for another music session?

Everyone’s last Class meeting will take place on Thursday at 9:00 am.

Your first Teams’ Assignments will be during Maths today and you’ll have a second assignment on Friday (Literacy).

We’ve posted a daily timetable to show and remind you what is coming up next today:

Start your day by watching your morning video:

In guided reading we will continue to look more at our new book.

Watch the video here:


Warm-up: Keep practising your spellings. This week: Week 8: Adding the suffix “-ous”. If you want to keep the “g” sound at the end of the root word you must add an “e”.

Spelling weeks 7 and 8

Main task: Today we will be looking at the next page of our story and focusing on different moods and atmospheres and how to create them.

Watch the video:

Literacy Task: Literacy Activity


Warm-up: Keep practising your times-tables either using Times-Tables Rockstars or whatever method works for you.

Main task: Today in Maths we are going to start our new unit looking at Fractions. Make sure to follow the video and rewind it whenever you need to. Don’t forget to submit your task via Teams at the end of the lesson.

Watch the video:

Download the activities: Maths task

Please make sure to turn in your fraction’s poster via Teams or email.


Today we will continue to use our online music platform Charanga as well as additional videos. If you have mislaid your login details then please e-mail .

For today watch the video first at :

Then follow this link and complete lesson 2 use the details from the email to login: 

Piano keys and notes

Ukulele Fretboard 

RE: Miraculous Escapes 

Today you will continue to find out more about Moses and his story.

Watch the video here:

Well done you’ve made it to the end of another busy day. Well done for working so hard. We think you’re Magic!