Wednesday 20th January

Morning everyone,

We’ve been amazed by all the creative Art and Science work that has been going on. Well done to everyone, we hope you are enjoying at least some of the activities.

Parents, thanks for all the emails and photos you’ve been sending. It is great to see the children engaging with the tasks and producing what is very high quality work. However, we know that many of you are juggling home schooling with your own jobs and urge you to keep this side of home schooling (sending in emails and photos) manageable for you. Our official barometers for engagement are the Teams assignments.

The next Teams assignment will be a writing task starting on Thursday and continuing into Friday.

As always we thank you for your for all your warm words of support and your feedback.

Wednesday 20th

Today’s activities include Guided Reading, Literacy, Maths and Science#

Today’s Top Tip for Activity:

Have you been out on your bike or gone for a walk locally? What wildlife have you seen? Can you identify any birds? Mrs Avery went to Holme Pierrepont for a walk at the weekend and was amazed by the number of ducks and birds – there seemed to be more than usual.

Mr Marshall’s Morning Greeting. To start your day off, click on the following link:

Guided Reading

Today, we’re going to continue with our work on Ice Palace. In today’s session, you will be listening to Mr Marshall.


Use your Edshed login (back of your reading diary) or the game in your spelling booklet to practice this week’s rule: Adding the suffix ‘ation’ to verbs to form nouns. Hopefully the problem with Edshed has been resolved.


We’re going to continue our work on Ice Palace. We’ll find out what has happened to Ivan. Did he survive the avalanche? We’ll then recap our work on conjunctions and look at how we can use them to identify different types of clauses in a sentence. You can watch the video narrated by Mrs Avery or follow the directions in the PDF. We’ve posted the activity below. Some of you might find it easier to print it out or to download it to work on.

Watch the Video:

Read the PDF: English Wednesday clauses

Do the activity: Wednesday Identifying clauses activity


Start your session with some times-tables practice on TTR.

This half term we are looking at multiplication and division. Today, Mr Marshall is going to talk you through the 7 times tables and division facts.

Watch the video:

Complete the sheet: 7 times table and division facts Worksheet

Check your answers: 7 times table and division facts answers

Science: States of Matter: Is water always wet?

This week we’ll be recapping our work so far and then continuing with our investigations. This week: Do all liquids freeze at the same rate?

Science changing state investigation

Well done, you’ve reached the end of another busy day. We like Wednesdays – only 2 days left before the end of the week.

See you all again in the morning.

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