Wednesday 3rd March

Finger gym

  • Thread Hula Hoops on string to make a medal for Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush.

Dough Disco

  • Get your dough ready and dance along with Mrs. Simister’s superhero dough disco

  • Or check out The Muffin Man


  • Jolly phonics video of songs phase 2 (qu, ch, sh, th, ng) –
  • Watch Mrs. Simister’s phonics session on YouTube ( ir ) sound


Weekly dance



  • Warm Up Halving song
  • Give your child a plate of four biscuits and ask them to count how many biscuits they have? Then ask your child to share the biscuits equally between two toys.
  • Emphasise that if the toys are to have half each, the two halves must be the same number of biscuits.
  • Ask what is half of four. Help to count it out as they share the four biscuits between the two empty plates. Half of four is two
  • Repeat and share a plate of six biscuits. Once the toys have their biscuits say, half of six is three.
  • Repeat until all the plates of biscuits have been halved.
  • Each time, say aloud what half of each number is. Emphasise that the two halves must be the same.
  • If confident, can your child try halving five biscuits?

Extended learning for maths

Other activities to choose

  • Complete a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Make your own model from any construction toys you have.
  • Organise a tea party for your toys and send them invitations.
  • Play schools with your toys and get them to practise their number/ letters.
  • Read them a story and do the register.
  • Use your imagination and get creative with paint or collage.
  • Have some fun or just relax and watch your favourite T.V show as tomorrow is a screen free day!