Good morning Year 4,

We hope you have all had a great start to your week  😊. Today is Wednesday and it’s our last Wednesday of Home schooling so WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!

Watch your last Class Greeting:

Your next Teams’ meeting will be tomorrow at 9:00 am. Remember it’s World Book Day, so bring a favourite book to show or share.

The next Teams’ assignment will be on Friday.

We’ve pasted a quick reminder of your daily routine here to help you keep track of what you should be doing, but you can do this in an order that suits your working pattern at home.

Catch up with Guided Reading:


Warm-up: Keep practising your spellings. This week: Week 8: Adding the suffix “-ous”. If you want to keep the “g” sound at the end of the root word you must add an “e”.

Spelling weeks 7 and 8

Main task:  Today we’re going to continue with our story.

Watch the video:

Activity 1: Literacy Task 1


Warm-up: Keep practising your times-tables. Remember the Times Tables Wheels are on Monday’s post if you need them.

Main task: Today we’re going to continue our work on Fractions. As this was part of the curriculum that was meant to be covered in the Summer Term last year we are going to recap some of our Year 3 work. If you want an extra challenge, we’ve added an additional sheet today.

Watch the video:

Complete the worksheet: Unit-and-non-unit-fractions

Check your answers: Answers Unit-and-non-unit-fractions

Take a challenge: Maths Challenge and answers

Science: Animals including humans. Digestion: Pardon me! Where did that come from? 

This week we’re going to continue our work on the digestive system by taking a closer look inside our mouths! You’ll need a snack during today’s lesson. Keep using your knowledge organiser to help you recall previous learning as well as make sure of key learning from today’s lesson.

Your knowledge organiser for this unit: Digestion knowledge organiser

Watch the video here:

You can click on links 1 to 3 by opening this PDF: Science Links

Activity 1: Science Activity 1

Activity 2: Science Activity 2

Activity 3: Science Activity 3

Well done you’ve reached the end of Wednesday. Don’t forget to login in for your Teams’ meeting tomorrow morning at 9:00 am and bring a book!

See you all tomorrow.