Dear Children, Parent/Carers,

We are so disappointed that we will not all be together in school for this half-term, but we know that you will do your best to make the most of this time you have at home.

We understand that learning from home looks different in every household so please adapt the timetable to suit your family. As well as academic subjects, we will include some Top Tips and suggestions for keeping active and improving some of your sporting skills. It’s recommended that children do at least one hour of daily activity.

For Mrs Toom’s letter on home learning please click here:


Welcome to your daily learning timetable. The work in this post explains what you should be doing whether you are at home or at school on Wednesday 6th January 2021.

Today’s activities include Guided Reading, Literacy, Maths, Art and ICT.

There is one piece of work from today that needs to be completed and submitted through Teams but we would also welcome and will give feedback on children’s work submitted to the email address

For today, we’d suggest 20 – 25 mins for the guided reading task , 45 – 60 mins on Literacy, Maths (adult support may be required with these lessons) and 35 – 45 mins on ART and ICT (children should be more independent in these activities especially ICT).
Independent work on Spellings, Times tables and Reading could also be part of your daily routine and should take between 30 – 40 mins or as long as your child wants if happily reading a good book!
These are suggested times and you may find that your child works quickly and completes the task well before the minimum time – we’d suggest they look back and check their work – Is it presented well? Have they joined their writing? What about capital letters and full-stops? Is their writing exciting? Have they explained things fully in Maths using the correct vocabulary? Have they given reasons for their choices or opinions? Have they done their best? Would they be happy to show it to Mrs Avery or Mrs Marshall?
On the other hand, your child may find some of these tasks quite a challenge. We would spend no more than the suggested time and let us know so what we can provide some additional material or suggestions.

Today’s Top Tip for Activity: Check out some Just Dance or Cosmic Yoga videos to get your mind and body energised and ready for the day.  This Harry Potter Cosmic Yoga video was very popular in the summer term and a must for  all Harry Potter fans.


Use your Edshed login (back of your reading diary) or the game in your spelling booklet to practice this week’s rule: Adding the prefix ‘sub’ which means under or below.

Guided Reading

On Monday, we started our new text: Ice Palace by Robert Swindells. In today’s session you’ll recap what we did on Monday, read the first paragraph of the story and work on finding evidence in the text to support an answer. Just follow the instructions on the PDF.

Guided Reading Day 3 Wednesday


Use the following PDF to read the rest of the first chapter of our book Ice Palace and complete a summary of what has happened so far.

English Day 3 Wednesday

If you prefer you can hear Mrs Avery read the story in this version:


This half term we are looking at multiplication. On Monday, we looked at multiplying by 10. Some children might benefit from looking at this again as we would do at school.

Watch the video:

Complete the sheet (optional): Maths Day 3 x 10 recap (optional)

Check your answers: Maths Day 3 Multiply-by-10-Answers

Today we are moving on to multiplying by 100:

Watch the video:

Complete Activity 1: Maths Day 3 x 100 activity 1

Complete the worksheet:  Maths Day 3 x 100 activity 2

Check your answers: Maths Day 3 Multiply-by-100-Answers

Art: Sculpture

Find out what sculpture is and think about how it makes you feel. Use this PDF to guide you:

Art input sculpture

Use Microsoft teams to complete the first activity/assignment on Sculpture. We have had a few problems with this worksheet! Please use version 3 (V3). If you continue to have problems you can download the word document and then complete it. Then either email it to us or send us a photo of the completed sheet on your screen.

You will find your teams login in your reading diary. This work should be submitted for feedback by midday on Friday.


Follow this link:

Click Login in the top right hand corner and select Espresso.

Use Student25350 and the password: ARpass to login and click on coding. The children are all very familiar with this process.

Click “Block coding” on the menu bar at the top and select level 4 from the dropdown menu.

From here the children can access refresher lessons on Levels 1- 3 or move straight on to Level 4: An introduction to variables.

For today we would like them to look at Pop Game, Catch the Coconuts and Healthy Eating within Level 4.

This is an activity that most children will be able to complete independently.

As this is our first official day of home learning we wish you all well. If you have any questions or issues with accessing materials please do not hesitate to get in touch. If you feel the work load is not manageable or accessible for your child please let us know. You can contact us directly at or through the office at

Kind regards,

The Year 4 Team.