Good Morning and welcome to Week 2 (30-3-20) of Home Learning.

We hope you are all fit and well and enjoyed the sunshine last week. Did you read in the garden, plant some seeds or make mud pies? Maybe you drew a rainbow and put it in your window, we enjoyed looking for them on our dog walks and bike rides.

We are trying something new! Please find attached all links to the resources you will need for the week. As we have said before, use what works for your family and leave the rest.

Virtual hugs from Mrs Marshall, Mrs Worton, Mrs Phillips and Mrs Turner.

Week 2 – 30.3.20 Read me


(Answers on page 2)


(Answers on page 2)


(Answers on page 2)

Fractions week 2: lesson 1 step 6 (recognise a third) – lesson 5 (step 10 equivalence of a half and 2 quarters)

Remember to write your answers down (like we do at school) and check them afterwards

This is a link to the newly purchased Numbots for KS1 to build speed in addition and subtraction facts

Dinosaur Egg Reading comprehension

Hide and Seek Reading comprehension

Mary Annings Diary Reading Comprehension

T-Rex Reading Comprehension

The Twits by Roald Dahl comprehension

This is a more challenging comprehension task and there are no answers included

Spelling Pattern ness 30-3-20

This would be the next set of spelling words: the suffix ness. It is important that the children understand how to use these words correctly in sentences, especially as we don’t tend to use them in our everyday language.