We began our Winter wonderland topic learning lots of information about Penguins. We learnt that they live in Antarctica at the bottom of the world, where it is very cold. We learnt that they keep warm by their feathers and fat, and by huddling together. We know that they cannot fly but they are birds, they swim with their flippers and eat fish.

We cut out shapes to make penguin pictures and were really good at talking about the properties of different 2D shapes.

We have been getting creative making winter collage pictures for our snow den.

In P.E we have been learning to throw and catch using scarves.

We enjoyed making up our own stories using the puppets.

We really made our friends laugh!

On Friday Sunshine bear and Rainbow bear were 5 years old. We celebrated with a party and made them some beautiful birthday cards.

During Forest schools we did some bark rubbings of the lime trees.

We had to cheer up the Fairy Queen of the forest, as the magpies had stolen her jewelry and made her sad.

We found the naughty magpies and thought of some ideas to make the Fairy Queen happy again.

Children made some natural jewelry for her, some made her surprise food to cheer her up,

we had great imaginations making swimming pools and  traps to catch the magpies.