Tuesday 2nd March Home Learning

Welcome to another day of home school.

Here is the plan of the day:


Today we are going to be planning our story for writing tomorrow. Mrs Boughton will explain the task here.

Phonics and Spellings

It is phonics with Mrs Hicking today, the sound is ‘oi’ click here.

Have a go at your spellings – can you write them in chalk outside? Or use water and a clean paintbrush to write on the path/patio? Your spellings are:

blow snow throw tomorrow followed shadow


We are comparing length and height. Here is today’s video and worksheet.


Today in geography you are going to be drawing a map and using positional and directional language to plan a route.

Listen to Mrs. Poole read the story ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ here.

Watch Mrs. Poole explain the activity on this video.

These are the positional and directional words that will help you.


Today’s story is ‘The Pear in the Pear Tree‘ by Pamela Allen.