Home learning letter – Year 1

Friday 8th January

Dear Parents / Carers,

Friday at last! We hope you are keeping well and your children are happy. Thank you for the lovely messages on email, we enjoy hearing from you.


Friday is spelling day and our spelling pattern is ‘ng’ words. These are the spellings to look at today:

thing             bring               wing

sing               string              king

Remember how we have practised ‘look, say, cover, write, check’

Have a go at writing the spelling words in lots of different colours, can you use felt tips so your words are rainbow coloured?

Can you write them in chalk outside?

Now can you write a sentence for each spelling word. Remember to start with a capital letter, and finish with a full stop. (e.g.   The wing of the bird looked a bit broken.)


Read a book from Oxford Owls. Select a book that is from your book band and read it, sometimes there are questions to do afterwards too.


Today we are continuing to look at adding ones using number bonds. Please watch the video clip and answer questions 5 and 6 from yesterday’s worksheet.


Last term we looked at different types of line drawing. We  talked about holding your pencil near the end, pressing lightly and we sketched carefully. You might want to watch this clip to remind you. (Click on Basic Drawing Tips)

There is a  chart  to try different marks on. Don’t worry what you use for the marks – pens, pencils, use whatever you have. Enjoy!

Today we are thinking about light and dark. To create a light shade, we use a little pressure and to create a dark shade we use more pressure.

In your books, or on a piece of plain paper can you choose a tool to use (charcoal, pencil, pastel, chalk, pencil crayon – whatever you have at home will be great) Practise making marks softly for a light effect, hard for darker effect, and experiment.

You could get your grown up to draw a little  table   (or print it) and see if your shading can change from light to dark. You could send us a photo of your experimenting!


You might like to get a blanket and a teddy and snuggle up on this cold day for a story  with Mrs Boughton.

We hope you have a lovely weekend. Maybe you could try and do one of these fun dance workouts to keep active!