Wow we have made it. Today is the last day of this very strange half term!

So today is going to be a special challenge day.

We will start with a little spelling test like usual, click here.

There are no new spellings as it is half term.

Phonics you can go on Phonics Play click here and play a game of your choice today.

Escape Room

Today you are doing a very special mission. An escape room mission! Click here to find out more.

If you manage to free Miss Fox you can have a whole week off school – so get busy!

Get your parents to email the code to to see if you can free her! Good luck!


This afternoon we thought you might enjoy doing some Valentine craft, to give to someone in your family. Here are some  Valentines ideas.


To finish the term off you may like to watch some Button Moon story clips Egberts Birthday or  Three Billy Goats . These were popular when Mrs. Boughton was little! Now they look funny and old fashioned!

Have a lovely, and safe week off everyone!