Year 1 Home Learning Letter

Friday 22nd January

Dear Parents / Carers,

HAPPY FRIDAY! Thank you for all your support, and we hope you have a lovely, restful weekend.

Here is today’s timetable of activities.


Today we are going to have a little spelling test on the words that you have looked at each day this week.

Mrs. Poole is introducing the new spellings for this week: today play away always holiday stayed.

Can you spot the ay words on this sheet? 


Don’t forget to keep reading every day.


Rosie is looking at the ew sound today.


Subtraction crossing 10.

Watch the video and complete the worksheet, or write the answers in your workbook.


Today we are looking at the countries in the United Kingdom and learning the names of their capital cities.

Watch this video clip and listen to this fun song. 

Can you look at a map, atlas, globe or on Google Maps to identify the UK countries and their capitals?

Look at this powerpoint. 

Can you name the four countries in the UK now? What are their capital cities? Write the names of the four countries in your book. Remember names of countries begin with a capital letter. Can you draw or make a flag for one of the countries?


Finish the week with a story read by Mrs. Wilson.