Friday 26th February

Good morning everyone! We can’t believe that Friday is here already! We really enjoyed seeing you all yesterday in our Phonics Meeting. Thank you for all your support this week and have a lovely weekend.

Here is the timetable of activities for today.


Watch Mrs. Poole and her special guests introduce our new spelling words for the week ahead. This week’s words are: blow snow throw tomorrow followed shadow

Help Mr Macaw unjumble the words to make a sentence. Now it is your turn! Look at the jumbled up words on this worksheet and write them in sentences in your work book.


Phonics with Rosie. Today’s sound is ure ‘Sure it’s Pure’.


Keep reading every day and look at your Bear words too.


Watch this video to learn about comparing the lengths of different objects. Whilst watching the video you found things longer than your spoon and shorter than your spoon. Now choose 5 objects. You are going to compare their lengths. Which is the longest? Which is the shortest? Remember to line them up carefully to compare. Now put them in size order from the shortest to the longest and draw the 5 objects in your work book to show this.


Today you are going to be learning about the different parts of a plant. Watch this video clip about ‘Ivy’s Plant Shop’.  Now watch Mrs. Poole’s video to explain today’s activity.


Finish today’s learning with a lovely story ‘Leaves by’ David Ezra Stein.