Morning everyone – Friday – yippee! Hope everyone is doing well. 4 weeks of home schooling done – that’s amazing! Thank you for the effort on Teams assignments and for joining the live teams chats. Hopefully these have been a good way for children to feel part of our class community again.

Today’s activities:


Here is a little spelling test for the children to do, no pressure and just for fun with ‘ay’ words.

The new spellings are here and use the spelling pattern ‘igh’. See if you can write a sentence containing each spelling word.

Remember to spend a few minutes reading each day. Here is the link to Oxford Owls which has lots of books.

We have decided from now that Friday is phonics game day. So today please go on Phonics play – link here. Then select resources…..Picnic on Pluto…..Phase 3. Then select oi as this is the sound Rosie was doing today.


Please watch this video and then there is a worksheet to do.


This afternoon we want you to make a space picture to bring together our learning on the moon landing. Obviously at home you have access to different resources, so we want to leave the task a little bit open ended. We have got some images of ideas here...Moon landing art but will leave the medium you use up to you.

Please try to include these features:

  • the moon with some craters
  • Apollo 11
  • an astronaut
  • an American flag

Please do send us a photo – we would love to see!


Finally, here is a story about Aliens read by Miss Fox.

Happy weekend!