Monday 1st February

Welcome to a new week of home school. Both year 1 classes will start the day with a live teams chat, 9 – 9.30am. This will be an opportunity for you to share some weekend news.


Staying with Teams we will start with literacy we are looking at ‘un’ words and how ‘un’ changes words to mean the opposite. The activity is set within Teams.

Phonics, reading and spelling

Phonics is with Rosie today, click here.

Remember to spend 5 minutes reading your books, and please try and learn your ‘igh’ spellings.

You could write them in felt tip to make rainbow words……might  high  tonight  light  fright  bright 


Watch this video and this worksheet


We are going to be looking at transport from the past. Start by watching Mrs Boughton chat through this PowerPoint here. Then have a look at this interesting clip about air travel.

Mrs Boughton will explain the task here. You could think about how fast or slow they travel, are they noisy/ quiet, what are they made from? How do they look different /the same?

Do send some lovely photos of your work.


Here is Mrs Boughton reading a story.