Monday 1st March

Happy Monday everyone! A brand new month and one more week of home schooling to go!

Don’t forget to join us for our live Teams meetings today. Mrs. Hicking is meeting with 1HB at 9am and Mrs. Poole is meeting with 1P at 1pm. We shall share weekend news and then play a little bingo game with some of our high frequency words. Please choose 6 words from this list: once was went when where they come school friend because said you are some saw and write them on a piece of A4 paper ready for the game. You will need a pen for the meeting too.

Here are today’s activities.

Literacy / Science

We are learning about seeds today. Watch the video and Mrs. Poole will explain today’s activity. You are making your own ‘magic seed’ today!
Listen to this story about a magic seed. Then have a think about what your magic seed might grow into.


Phonics with Rosie. Today’s sound is ea, Cup of Tea.  Play an ‘ea’ game on Phonics Play(Phase 5). You might like to have a go at revisiting some of the other phase 5 sounds too.


Practise this week’s ow words:  blow snow throw tomorrow followed shadow


Read a book and look at your Bear Words. We can’t wait to hear you read again next week!


Watch this video about comparing heights. In the video it says to find 3 things taller than you, 3 things shorter than you and 3 things the same height as you. Please record this work in your workbook. Turn your workbook round so that it is landscape. Divide your page into 3 equal columns. Put a heading at the top of each column: Shorter, Taller, The same height. Then draw pictures of things that you find in the correct columns. Don’t worry if you can’t find three things the same height as you. That might be a bit tricky!


Today you are investigating leaves. It is a Teams assignment. Please submit your completed work by 4.30pm.


Finish today’s learning with Mrs. Poole reading Jack and the Beanstalk.