Monday 22nd February

Welcome to a fresh new half term We hope you have enjoyed a little break from home-schooling and had some nice walks, read some books and maybe played some board games.

This half term our topic is all about plants and trees and birds. We will be looking at plants and trees that grow in England and in the rest of the world. We will be looking at seeds and parts of a plant as well as some lovely artwork on plants. Hopefully when we all get back to school, we shall be planting some different seeds too.

1P has a live Teams chat at 9am today (1HB will be tomorrow). Have you got a plant you could bring to show?! We can all enjoy looking at some different houseplants. We can look at the leaves, describe the colour and maybe name them if you are able to! If you don’t have any no worries, we will enjoy saying hello to you! You can also share a little bit of news from your half term break.


We are going to watch this story being read – The Enormous Turnip. Today’s literacy task is to try and use the word endings ‘er’ and ‘est’. Mrs Boughton will explain the task here.

Phonics and Reading

Today Rosie will be looking at the sounds ‘oa’ so you can watch it here or do this forest phonics game here. Select ‘oa’ words and click on the snail to hear a word, see if you can make that word. Try to read one of your school reading books maybe you could read on Zoom / FaceTime to a friend or relative?


Watch this video and today is practical. Can you use a toy you have (Lego is great) and make little towers of two to help you count in two’s. Optional 50 chart is here. if you wish to colour in the two’s (as suggested at the end of the video).

Practise orally counting aloud in two’s as you point to each tower.

Can you do it in a whisper voice? A BIG VOICE? A wobbly voice? A funny voice?

See if you can join in some of this song too.

In your book see if you can write the numbers that you have been saying. Make sure you get all your numbers the right way round:

2  4  6  8  10  12  14  16  18  20  22  24…….

Have you got any other things you can find at home to help you practise your counting in two’s? (eg socks, shoes, dolls, Duplo, cutlery)

You could send in a photo of you counting in two’s to show us.


For this afternoon’s Geography activity please head to Teams for the ‘Garden Map’ Assignment, please submit by 4.30pm

For the end of the day here is a relaxing yoga about plants for you to enjoy.