Home Learning Letter – Year 1

Hello everyone,

Hope you had a lovely day yesterday. Mrs Boughton and Mrs Poole are looking forward to seeing you at 9.00 this morning.

After your meeting click on the link here to go on an adventure with Betsy the Banana and do some Yoga with Cosmic Kids

Here is today’s learning –

Thursday 11th February 2021


In literacy today you are going to be learning to read and then recite a poem. Watch Mrs Poole read some poems  and tell you about the activity.

Choose a poem from here.

Practise reading, reciting and performing your poem – you could do some drawings in your book too to help you learn it. Then perform your poem! You can send us a recording if you like – we’d love to see!


Choose a reading book you’ve read before and then tell a grown up or a brother or sister all about it – What happened in the story? Who are the main character? Did you enjoy the story? Why/why not?

Now read another book.


Practise your spellings using felt tips pens.


Phonics is with Mrs Hicking today  – you will be learning the ow Brown Cow sound.


Today in maths you are going to be ordering numbers to 50. Watch the video and then complete the worksheet.


Watch another version of Jonah and the Whale. Talk to a grown up about Jonah disobeying God. Think and talk about these questions –

How did Jonah disobey God?

What had God asked him to do?

Why did Jonah not want to do it?

What did Jonah do instead?

What did God do?

Now think about who you should obey in your lives. Think about rules at home and rules at school. Talk about why it’s important to listen and obey rules and what might happen if you don’t. Write a list or draw pictures of some rules at home and school that you follow (for example crossing the road, brushing your teeth, practicing your reading). What are the consequences of not following the rules?

Story time

Get comfy and watch Mrs Hicking read Super Duper You by Sophy Henn. It’s a really lovely story 😊.