Year 1 Home Learning Letter

Thursday 21st January

Dear Parents /Carers,

Thank you for your continued support. We have loved receiving all of your emails. We have been very impressed with the geography work (rating the features of West Bridgford) and we are seeing lots of full stops, capital letters and ed endings in the super sentences that have been written. The latest subtraction work may have proved a little challenging for some children. Please don’t worry. We shall revisit this work, and continue to do lots of number bond and partitioning activities, which will support the children in their understanding. In school on Thursday the children would usually have PE with Mr. Facer. To stay active at home today, have a go at this Yoga Rocket Adventure. The children in school really enjoyed the Friday afternoon yoga session last week.

Here is the timetable of activities for today.


Today’s literacy worked is based around another bus story: Is There Room on the Bus? Mrs. Poole is reading the story today and introducing the activity. The children are writing a list of five animals with a describing word. Remember the adjective has to begin with the same sound as the animal!


Keep practising this week’s words: think drink pink sink bank junk


Join in with Mrs. Hicking’s phonics lesson today.


Subtraction crossing 10. Watch yesterday’s video all the way through again. Then have a go at the maths worksheet or write the answers in your workbook.


In RE we have been learning about Moses. Watch the video from 1.25, to recap on what we have learnt so far, and stop at 8.08. How do you think Moses feels? What would you have done? Why? What should he do? Moses made the decision to help the Israelites as God had asked.

Now make a sliding picture to show Moses decision:

  • Get a piece of A4 card or paper,
  • Have the burning bush on one half of the page. On the other half draw the Pyramids and the slaves and Pharaoh.
  • Get a strip of card or paper for ‘a slider’
  • Draw Moses and stick him on the end of the slider, or draw him on the slider.
  • Cut a snip the edge of the page to allow the slider to fit in. Show Moses looking at the burning bush and then slide it across to show him deciding to return to help the Israelites.