Home Learning Letter – Year 1

Good morning everyone,

We are looking forward to another Teams catch up today. 1HB is with Mrs Boughton at 11.30 and 1P with Mrs Poole at 1.30. Remember to have a piece of work you are proud of to share with the class. You don’t need to talk if you don’t want to 😊.

Here is today’s learning.

Thursday 28th January 2021


You have a reading comprehension today. There are two to choose from – pick the right level of challenge for you. You could have a go at both if you like. Write your answers neatly in your book or on the sheet.

reading challenge 1     reading challenge 2


Keep practising your spellings. Can you make a pairs game again?


Phonics is with Mrs Hicking today – you will be looking at the ea sound. Click here.


PE is a dance lesson today – click on the link here. Can you make up your own space dance? Have fun!


Warm your maths brains up by counting again. Count in 10s from 0 to 100, count in 10s from any number, count in 2s to 40, count in 5s to 50.

Today’s lesson is a practical lesson – counting to 50 by making 10. Watch the video here and then do the activity using any resources you have eg lego, straws, cubes, coins, cheerios, pasta etc – you could take a photo of your work.


In RE we will be continuing the story of Moses. You have done so well learning about his life so far.

Watch the video here to find out what happens next.

Now have a think … what can you remember? What happens when Moses and Aaron go to see the Pharaoh? What does God do? What do you think about the Pharaoh?

Split a page of your book in to quarters. Choose 4 plagues that God sent and draw a different plague in each quarter. Label your pictures.

Story time

Get comfy and listen to Mrs Hicking read a story. Click here.