Home Learning Year 1

Morning everyone!

Today our home learning starts with a live Teams meeting with Mrs. Boughton or Mrs. Poole at 9am, which we are really looking forward to. Don’t forget to bring your favourite book to the meeting to show, and if you are feeling brave you can tell everyone all about it too. We have got our favourite books ready to share with you too!


This week we are doing lots of work about rockets and so today there is a little rocket poem for you to read. Once you have read it all the way through, answer the five questions at the bottom of the page, in your work book. Write the answers in complete sentences with capital letters and full stops. Remember: neat Year 1 writing on the lines, with clear ascenders and descenders.

Spellings – spend 5 minutes practising the words: might  high  tonight  light  fright  bright. You should be getting really good at them now!  


Phonics with Mrs. Hicking today. The sound is aw ‘Yawn at Dawn’.


Keep reading and practising your Bear Words.


We are looking at one more and one less today. Watch the video and then do question 1 on the worksheet. You will be watching another video on Friday and completing the worksheet then.

Please spend some time practising counting backwards, especially counting backwards through a tens number, for example 31 30 29 or 51 50 49. This will really help the children when they are working out 1 less. Today at school we would usually be doing PE with Mr. Facer. So get active and join in with the exercises in this video as you count back from 100 to 0.


We have spent four weeks in RE looking at the life of Moses. Today we are going to learn about another story from the Bible: Jonah and the Whale. Jonah was a bit like Moses because he didn’t listen to God at first. Watch the video clip to find out all about him.

Today for RE we are going to make a big whale and a little Jonah. There are some ideas on this sheet or you can simply draw a big whale on a piece of card/paper and cut it out. Then make a slit for his mouth. Make a little man out of card / paper for Jonah and see if you can pop Jonah into the mouth of the whale. We look forward to seeing some photos of your whales!